In Fortnite will pass a cross-event with “Very strange things”


On the series will also be released mobile game.

Netflix has confirmed that Fortnite players are waiting for some content on “Very Strange Affairs”, within the framework of the E3 Coliseum panel.

The first hints of a crossover appeared a couple of weeks ago, when players noticed in Fortnite the sign of the Scoops Ahoy store with ice cream, where Steve was working in the third season of the Netflix series.

The third season of “Very Strange Affairs” will be released on July 4th, so details of the crossover should appear soon. This will not be the first such event for Fortnite – earlier the creators of the game held events, for example, in honor of the release of the Avengers and John Wyk 3.

In his twitter, Netflix also announced that on “Very Strange Affairs”, in addition to Stranger Things 3: The Game, a mobile puzzle RPG based on the player’s location will be released.

In addition, the online cinema is preparing some joint projects with Ubisoft, Behavior Interactive and Roblox.


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