“I had to stand still and just sigh.” – Keanu Reeves about his hero and the capture of movements for Cyberpunk 2077


The actor said that in the game production for him was a novelty.

In an interview with IGN, Keanu Reeves, who played in Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhend, said that he gave the hero not only a voice, but also facial expressions and movements. The developers gave him almost complete creative freedom.

For the first time Keanu Reeves met with CD Projekt RED in July 2018 in Los Angeles. He was shown a short demo and told about the hero, who will play.

I play rebel. He is a former military man who founded a rock band called Samurai; playing protest music.

I am not an expert on the history of Johnny Silverhead. I used to read a little about him, but I was asked to portray the hero “here and now.” I do not know how much I can talk. I think we can say that there was perhaps some moment of death [in Johnny’s story]. But he is still here. […]

My character constantly interacts with the main character. I am part of his journey. But he is also part of mine. So see what happens.

Keanu Reevesactor

The actor said that for him, motion capture technologies had become more advanced – the last time Reeves took part in such a shoot while working on The Matrix.

I did not have a rigid framework. I could decide for myself how Johnny moves and talks.

When I first captured facial expressions, there was a whole wall of cells around me. They needed 5 terabytes to do everything. There was a feeling that this was all some kind of secret operation with a super-secret iron. And in fact it was.

Keanu Reevesactor

In addition, Entertainment Weekly edition spoke with the actor , to whom he spoke about his video game experience and also shared the details of motion capture.

Keanu Reeves is not familiar with the past works of CD Projekt RED and generally has not played games since childhood. Then he often spent time in the halls with arcade machines.

The actor explained that John Silharend is a kind of leader of resistance to megacorporations. The protagonist of Cyberpunk 2077 wears a jacket with the name of his rock band “Samurai”. Wee is a fan of the Silkherenda and supports his ideas.

Unlike mocap shooting for cinema, while working on games, actors need to play not only in some dramatic episodes, but also in unremarkable moments like those when the character just stands still.

All this amused me. You know, in [working on] games you have to do things that you don’t do in the movies. For example, you just stand and wait or say how tired you are to wait. […] This is an example of a very specific video game workflow. So, when the main character makes a decision, you stand in the frame and have to sigh heavily.

Keanu Reevesactor

After collaborating with CD Projekt RED, Keanu Reeves became more interested in video games. Today, developers create “cool” worlds and cool characters, I’m sure the actor.

Earlier, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer told how Microsoft managed to keep Reesse’s appearance at his E3 conference a secret. At rehearsals, doubles were used, and the actor himself was called by a codename.


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