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Nintendo partly transfers production of new versions of Switch from China to Southeast Asia


All because of the “trade war” between the United States and China.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo has launched two new Switch console options – and at least some of them are made outside of China. The company took this step to circumvent the new tariffs on imports from the United States due to the “trade war.”

Officially, the new Switch revisions have not yet been announced.

The first information about the new versions of the Switch appeared back in March – according to the WSJ and Eurogamer editions, Nintendo is working on a cheaper console, focused primarily on the portable mode, and on a kind of Pro-version of the original.


According to sources from the same WSJ, the company should have presented new consoles at E3 2019, but this did not happen – Nintendo announced in advance that there would be no new hardware at the conference.

Reporters also note that this information may mean that Nintendo will soon demonstrate the new console to the public.


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