Media: Bungie will not work on Destiny 3 for the foreseeable future.


Developers want to develop the second part of the shooter.

The plans for the studio told Kotaku editor Jason Schreier on his Twitter account, referring the words of game director Luke Smith and manager Mark Nousvorti. He spoke to them at E3 for the Splitscreen podcast.

The journalist noted that the release of Destiny 3 is hardly worth waiting for in the near future – Bungie wants to focus on the support and development of the second part.

When I post a new episode of Splitscreen with Luke Smith and Mark Nousvorti, you yourself will hear that this is their opinion. In the foreseeable future, they want to do Destiny 2.

Schreier also touched on the topic of cross-play – according to him, the developers really want to add this feature to all versions of the game, but so far they don’t have enough resources for it, and the release on Stadia complicates the task. Nozworthy said that the streaming service of Google has nothing to do with it.

In fact, Stadia itself as a platform does not make the implementation of cross-play more difficult. This year we focus on cross-save across all platforms. We would love to add a cross-play to Destiny 2 one day, but so far we have too many other concerns!

Apparently, the details can be heard in a full-fledged interview with Nozvorthi and Smith.

In early June, Bungie announced a major addition to Shadowkeep for Destiny 2, and also told about the transition of the shooter to the shareware distribution model.

Destiny 2 will be shareware and “move” to Steam 


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