Anthem from Crystal Dynamics: what became known from the closed shows of the Avengers at E3


Players will not see the gameplay for the obvious reason – many elements are still too raw.

After the official opening of the exhibition, Crystal Dynamics studio showedjournalists 25 minutes of gameplay of the game, and also told about it as part of the E3 Coliseum. We chose the most important.

  • The gameplay is not shown to the public, because the game is still raw.Best of all, the Hulk is still crafted and animated, and the rest of the characters do not look and move as convincingly as we would like. The combat system also needs some improvements – for example, the blows of Thor do not seem powerful at all, and the animation is a bit tedious.
  • The studio tried to make the characters instantly recognizable, but at the same time kept away from the characters from the Marvel films – the developers wanted their characters to have their own face and character.
  • The game will have a full-fledged single story campaign, but the cooperative will open almost immediately. The developers leave the choice – you can either start the mission with friends, or you can first read the story, or alternate these activities.
  • It is the cooperative missions from endgame that the studio plans to add after the release for a long time. It is not clear how the monetization will be carried out, but it seems that we are talking about “cosmetics”. The game has already lit up the white suit of Iron Man.
  • Each character will have their own skill tree., so the developers want users, for example, to first pump the Hulk, then switch to Iron Man, and then, for example, make the Hulk with other abilities.
  • Crystal Dynamics is not yet talking about whether it will be possible to take the same characters in the cooperative missions. 
  • Equipment will fall out of enemies or be given as a storyline reward.
  • Judging from what was shown in the 25-minute demonstration, campaign skeleton is QTE, fast platforming sections, cinematic inserts and vigorous battles in small arenas. The developers hinted that in cooperative missions locations will be wider, but did not specify how.
  • As a villain in the demo, Tuskmaster (aka Taskmaster) appeared, who appeared in Spider-Man from Incomniac. The character did not look the same as in the Sony game, but this was due to the plot — he stole a high-tech weapon.
  • Crystal Dynamics refuses to say whether the action of the game is in the same universe with Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • Melee is visually reminiscent of that in Rocksteady games, but not very carefully implemented yet. There were no counter or combo counter icons in the demo, so perhaps the battles do not work as they did in Batman Arkham.
  • Fighting each character is noticeably different. Thor can throw a hammer (like an ax in God of War), Hulk – grabs opponents and hits them against each other or throws them out of the level with powerful blows and claps, Captain – almost always uses his shield, and Iron Man – shoots from the air, finishing off enemies with a powerful beam from the chest. Everyone has special abilities with cooldown time.
  • Characters can charge their weapons: Cap’s shield turns red, and Thor’s hammer begins to deal damage with electricity. Shooting is carried out with a third person.
  • The very setting of missions is the same as in Spider-Man. The appearance of each group of enemies is a cut-scene.
  • Battles with bosses are also similar to those in the Insomniac game – you need to dodge enemy attacks and inflict powerful blows with the help of QTE, firing along the way. This piece was shown on behalf of the Widow.

The game service from the authors of restarting Tomb Raider will be released on May 15, 2020 – on PC, PS4, Xbox One and in Stadia.

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