The creators of Shenmue 3 will not return the money to Kickstarter users who demanded a refund after switching to EGS

About this Ys Net reported in her letter.

On June 10, at the PC Gaming Show presentation, it became known that Shenmue 3 on PC will be an exclusive Epic Games Store. At the same time on Steam, the game already had a page, and earlier the developers promised to release there.

Especially angry are the players who supported the development of the project through Kickstarter. Many of them demanded a refund from Ys Net, but she refused .

Support answer to one of the players. 

In a statement, Ys Net noted that it had been discussing the solution with Deep Silver for a long time, and eventually they agreed that EGS would be the best option for the game.

We apologize for the platform change, however, no refund will be made for this change.

from the Ys Net statement

Release Shenmue 3 is scheduled for November 2019.


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