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Respawn: Streaming games won’t suit high-speed shooters like Apex Legends


The developers tested the streaming for 5-6 years – and realized that this technology will only exacerbate the performance problems of studio games.

As told Drew McCoy, executive producer of Apex Legends, Respawn Studio is unlikely to be able to adapt its games, in which accuracy and speed is important, for streaming platforms like Google Stadia.

The developer stressed that streaming increases the number of difficulties that a team has to solve when optimizing multiplayer games. Therefore, Respawn Studio intends to concentrate on current problems – the delay of input on TVs or different Internet connection speeds – and is unlikely to adapt Apex Legends for streaming services – regardless of their manufacturer.

I don’t think that streaming services are suitable for such games as Respawn Studio does. We are already trying to optimize our games for TVs, the processing of which adds an input delay of 80 milliseconds.

We are making great efforts to prevent this delay. However, streaming only exacerbates existing problems – and without full access to technology, they are difficult to solve.

Respawn is not able to improve anyone’s streaming services. We want to tackle other issues – how to improve the performance of our games at different levels of Internet connection or when using a crap router that you bought eight years ago.

Drew McCoy executive producer of Apex Legends

Google Stadia will receive subscriptions to the games of individual publishers – they will be sold separately from the Prodirectory


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