Recruitment tasks, perks and complete daily routine for the characters: Watch Dogs Legion details


This time, the developers are further promoting variability.

In a blog on the official website of Watch Dogs Legion, developers from Ubisoft described how the basic mechanics work in their game and gave examples of what scenarios in it can be created.

First of all, the authors confirmed that there is no definite protagonist in Legion. This role can be performed by any NPC found on the streets of London. Each will appear in cut scenes and is endowed with its own history, unique appearance, as well as a full voice acting.

How the developers managed to realize this, they did not explain, but noted that there can be a maximum of 20 agents in the DedSec team at a time. If a player wants to take a new character, seen on the street, will have to get rid of one of the existing ones.

By scanning the NPC using the phone, the player will be able to see what perks they have, and these effects are determined by the character’s background.

For example, if a person is a fan of zombie films, then he may have a 40 percent bonus on a head shot, and the doctor will give a bonus to treatment – not only himself, but all DedSec agents.

In the first gameplay , you could also notice an NPC with a perk, because of which he could die at any time. According to the authors, if you look at the history of such characters, you can see that they do not want to visit the doctor, despite, for example, long chest pains.

All the characters, according to the blog, follow their own daily routine, and knowing what places the NPC visits and what it does there can help recruit him. Not all residents in the city will be determined to join DedSec, and therefore their opinion about the group will first need to be changed, directly or indirectly helping them with their problems.

If the NPC’s opinion about DedSec is good, then the player will be able to complete his personal task and recruit the character.

As an example, the developers described a scenario in which a character suitable for skills for DedSec had a bad opinion about the group after his father died in a shootout with her participation. After finding out the resident’s schedule, a player may find that when he visited his father’s grave, the character ran into someone to whom he owed a large amount of money.

If you deal with this situation, the attitude of the NPC to DedSec may change, but the authors noted that there is a difference between simple beating and killing a goal. For the first, the police will try to arrest the character, while for the second – most likely, to kill. There will be far-reaching consequences of these decisions, but which ones are not yet clear.

Between all 20 agents in the current DedSec team, you can freely switch at any time, and they are displayed on the map, in essence representing moving points of rapid movement.

As for customization, it will be both gameplay and visual. NPCs can be assigned to roles like scouts and hackers, and for completing tasks they will raise their level by getting new perks. The appearance of the agents can also be customized by changing their clothes and mask.

The combat system in the game also works in a special way. Its main feature is that opponents will try to respond about the same with which they are attacked. If you pounce on them with fists, they, too, will fight with their bare hands or, as a last resort, with batons. However, if you open fire, you should wait for the bullets in response. In this case, Ubisoft argues that Legion can be passed from beginning to end, using only one melee in which there are dodging and seizures.

The death of characters in Legion is permanent, but there is an opportunity to save the character at the last moment. After receiving enough damage, the controlled hero falls to his feet, after which the player is given the choice to surrender or continue the fight. In the first case, the hero will go to prison for a certain amount of time, and in the second he will get a chance to fight to the end.

Probably, all these features of the game have their limitations, but so far Ubisoft does not tell about them.

Watch Dogs Legion will be released March 6, 2020.

London, evil action and fighting grandma: gameplay and details of Watch Dogs Legion 


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