PUBG Mobile has become the most profitable mobile game in the world – helped by the “patriotic” rebranding in China

PUBG’s “friendly” reskin, called Game for Peace, earned almost as much as the original game.

In May, Tencent closed PUBG Mobile in China – the authorities did not allow them to monetize the cruel game they thought. The company responded by launching Game for Peace, a complete copy of PUBG, where enemies waving goodbye to death and give Lutboxes before death .

The move was successful – the “good” Game for Peace, created specifically for China, earned 70 million in May, while PUBG Mobile, available throughout the rest of the world, brought only a little more – 76 million.

This year, the State Administration for Printing and Publishing in China has dramatically tightened the requirements for violence in games. With a base of 115 million Chinese players, PUBG Mobile did not bring Tencent money, because the authorities had banned monetization in the game.

In April, only 40 titles were approved – against 170 in March.


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