Payment cards Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with PC support appeared in Russian retail – right on the stock


Buy a subscription will be the only way.

At its press conference as part of E3 2019, Microsoft introduced an updated Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which simultaneously includes the Game Pass for the console (access to the Xbox games library), the Game Pass for Windows (PC games library) and Xbox Live Gold (multiplayer on the Xbox and distribution of games twice a month).

Like other types of subscriptions from Microsoft, Ultimate will be available in Russia only in retail – you will not be able to pay for it in the Microsoft Store. However, it’s not necessary to go to the store – most retailers sell keys remotely.

Microsoft promised the day before that the subscription will appear in stores already “soon”, and it has already appeared in the database of some retailers – for example, in the 1C Interest network .

  • 3 months Ultimate – 2694 rubles (for the action until June 30 – 1197 rubles)
  • 1 month Ultimate – 898 rubles

Versions for 6 or 12 months are not available.

Separately, the Game Pass for the PC will not be sold yet – the service is in beta.

If the owner of the Xbox has already purchased Game Pass and Live Gold, then when you purchase Ultimate, the subscription will be converted. If you later want to return to individual subscriptions, you will have to wait for the current one to complete.

Please note: when purchasing and activating an Ultimate subscription, existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscriptions are upgraded to Ultimate based on the conversion rate depending on the remaining days. The conversion rate also applies to future code activations and is subject to change.

Any transition to Ultimate is final: if you switch to this status, you will not be able to return to the previous one. The maximum validity of an activated Ultimate subscription offer per account is 36 months, including any transferred time from Xbox Live Gold and / or Xbox Game Pass (for PC or console).

from the Ultimate description

To test how this works, we bought Ultimate three months over Xbox Live Gold (ends February 2, 2020) and Game Pass (ends February 1, 2020).

The subscription was activated only when the console region was changed to the UK, but it lasted until November 24, 2020. Instead of three months, nine were added..

In addition to launching the Game Pass on a PC, Microsoft launched an action in honor of E3 – if you take the Xbox One S by subscription from 10 to 26 June, you can return it for free at any time before the end of the two-year lease period.

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