Microsoft wants to release a game from its studios every three months.


The main motivator is Game Pass.

In a conversation with IGN, the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, explainedthat Microsoft wanted to provide players and, in particular, Game Pass subscribers with a steady stream of content on PCs and consoles.

Buti noted that on average, to achieve this with 10-12 studios, it should take 2-3 years to develop games, but this does not mean that the company will rush someone.

Making games is not yet an exact science, right? So there will be projects that will take more time, and those where we will start work, and then we realize that this is a good idea, but something is not right out of it.

Matt bootie head of xbox game studios

As an example, Booty called Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War – those games that took more than five years to develop.

Microsoft currently has 14 studios at its disposal, including Double Fine Productions, the acquisition of which the company announced at E3 2019. And probably this is not the last team to join it.

Game Pass, which is the main motivator for Microsoft to streamline content, has already been launched in beta on a PC, and by August, the company promises more than 100 games in this version.


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