What was shown on the PC Gaming Show as part of E3 2019


Lots of indie, transition Shenmue 3 to EGS and a new big trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2.

The first trailer of Evil Genius 2

The game from Rebellion will be released on Steam in 2020. This is a continuation of the simulator villain, released 15 years ago.

Gameplay trailer Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The game is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

A short trailer was shown on the stream, but an extended one appeared on the game channel for more than 4 minutes.

Chivalry 2 Preview

The medieval battle simulator will be released in 2020 at the Epic Games Store.

Mosaic Announcement: BlipBlop

The game comes out in 2019 on Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Announcement

The game deals with Coffee Stain Studios, the authors of Goat Simulator.

This is a multiplayer 4 by 4 game in the PropHunt genre: one team is ghosts, the other is ghost hunters.

Ghosts can attack enemies, and if the time of the round comes out and it is midnight, they will become stronger.

The game will be released on Steam, and you can already sign up for an alpha test .

Unexplored 2 Preview and Trailer

“Hardcore bagel”, goes to Steam. The main thing here is the visual style. See for yourself.

Announcement of Conan Chop Chop

Funcom decided to turn an April Fool’s joke into a full game.

It comes out on September 3 on all consoles, including the Switch, and on the PC.

Last Oasis coming out September 3rd

The game will appear on Steam .

New strategy trailer Age of Wonders: Planetfall from Paradox

The developers promise six unique factions, as well as full-fledged diplomacy and large-scale battles “with the participation of laser dinosaurs.”

The game is released on August 6 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Army Dead War 4 Announcement

The game from the authors of Sniper Elite goes to the Epic Games Store, on the Xbox One and PS4 in early 2020.

Cooperative Action Remnant: From the Ashes goes to Steam on August 20

The game from the developers of Darksiders has received a new trailer.

Alpha Griftlands from Klei is released July 11 at EGS

RPG with a card combat system has acquired a new trailer.

Trailer Planet Zoo

The game goes on Steam on November 5th.

Gameplay trailer Shenmue 3

The game comes out on November 19 in EGS and on PS4.

Epic confirmed in a conversation with that the game will become an exclusive Epic Games Store, although it still has a page on Steam.

The players met the news accordingly.

Announcement of Songs of Conquest – a mixture of Might and Magic and Total War

The game will be released in late 2020, on the website of the developers have already opened recording on alpha .

Versus-mode 4 for 4 for Vermintide 2

The beta entry will open soon.

Announcement of Per Aspera – Mars Terraforming Games

Auto Chess is now an exclusive EGS

The game from the creator of the regime itself, with which Valve did not agree, will be released on a competing platform.

Announcement CrisTales from the authors Trine

It turns out in 2020, there is a demo on Steam .

Announcement of Valfaris – “2D Platform Action with Heavy Metal”

The demo is already available on Steam .

Maneater Trailer – Shark RPG

The game will be released within a year.

The developers say it is “like GTA, but with sharks.” The game has three parallel systems of progression – the shark gains experience, devouring people, and gradually gains new abilities.

Announcement of the addition for Terraria – Journeys End

Trailer Telling Lies – an interactive movie from the authors of Her Story

The game comes out “soon” on Steam. It contains 10 hours of futage. The developers call it an open world story game and a lot of possibilities.

Empyrean expansion trailer for Warframe – space battles

Details will tell later.

Genesis Noir trailer – adventure graphics with distinctive graphics

Announcement of El Hijo

This is a stealth game about a child trying to escape from a monastery in the Wild West.


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