Virtual and not sad: Keanu Reeves in memes and video games


We tell how the players met the new character Cyberpunk 2077 and where Keanu still had time to light up.

Microsoft’s E3 conference was remembered by interesting trailers and announcements. But the main highlight of the program is the appearance of a new character performed by actor Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077.

In the plot of the video, closer to the end of the action, Keanu Reeves appears in the role of Johnny Silverhend, a rockboy-idealist and significant person in the setting of the Cyberpunk board game. Johnny lost his hand and family because of the Arasaka Corporation. Apparently, he will help the protagonist of the game, Vie, fight the “top” and create anarchy in the city. More information about this can be found in our analysis.

Keanu Reeves as a digital ghost: reviewing the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer from E3 

Such a surprise caused a stormy reaction from the audience: many were delighted with their favorite actor and were amazed at the steepness of his image. The appearance of memes and fotozhab was a matter of time.

14 years of graphical improvements, and we finally can accurately digitize Keanu Juxtaposed_Reality

Keanu Reeves as Big Boss from MGS V BossLogic

They also remembered older jokes: for example, the amazing “immortality” of the actor.

The famous template with “sad Keanu” was also ignored – photojabs instantly appeared on Reddit.

By Sertyni

Special mention deserves a moment of improvisation at the exhibition: one of the fans shouted from the audience that Keanu is “breathtaking”. The rest has turned into a sweet and very kind scene, which has already been dragged away to memes, and the fan has been awarded with the collector’s edition Cyberpunk 2077.

The role of Johnny Silhekhenda – perhaps the most noticeable, but not the first appearance of Keanu Reeves in video games. Before Cyberpunk 2077, the actor managed to “visit” many other projects. Basically – as the face of a character from the films, under the license of which these games were made.

Payday 2

Keanu got into the game as John Wick, the playable character who appeared in the free John Wick Character Pack DLC. In the story, John is familiar with Chains, one of the members of the Payday gang, and is engaged in robberies before retiring and getting married – that is, before the events of the first film.

The appearance of John Wick was something of an advertising crossover. Anyone who bought tickets on the Fandango website was given a copy of Payday 2, and the appearance of a hired killer was announced by footage from the film.

In addition to the new character in the ranks of the classic Payday four, the ambidexterity skill was added to the game – the ability to shoot with two hands some types of weapons. Also, a new gun and a knife.

Although the update was free, its “advertising” focus was felt very strongly. The character model hardly resembled John Wick – it turned out, rather, the elderly David Duchovny. The character was not voiced by Keanu Reeves, but by actor Dave Fougetta. Therefore, it was worth playing Wick for the sake of fashionable glasses instead of a mask and black gloves instead of blue ones.

John wick hex

In Payday 2, Keanu Reeves’ character was just an advertising cameo. John Wick Hex is a full-featured kinolitsenziya game from Tomas Was Alone.

John Wick Hex is not a shooter, but a tactical game resembling projects like XCOM. The choice of genre is due to the fact that the authors wanted to convey the style and accuracy of the Wick combat technique. And the budget is hardly enough for a quality shooter – yet the game is small.

The developers promise a unique visual style, many tactical puzzles, and even some variation in the passage. The voice of the game attracted professional actors, but whether Keanu Reeves himself is there is not known. Perhaps he will simply give his image from the film.

Also on John Wick came out a VR game. Unfortunately, Keanu is not there even in the form of a model, and the project itself came out very average shooting

The release date of John Wick Hex is unknown, and on the PC the game will be released exclusively in the Epic Games Store.

The Matrix: Path of Neo

There were two big games on the matrix – Enter the Matrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo. Both turned out to be controversial, but not without interesting ideas, but Keanu in the role of Neo was only in the second game.

In general, nothing unusual: Reeves gave his appearance to the character from the film, without showing any additional participation. But the script for it was written by Wachowski themselves. Although, there are not many new stories here – the game almost completely repeats the events and scenes from the games, making minimal changes and additions. Is that the boss agent Smith in the role of titanium from the wreckage looks interesting.

In narrow circles, Path of Neo is still being discussed: a blurry picture, funny animation and a stupid battle system coexist with new details of the universe and … all the same stupid battle system, which, if you do not pay attention to the curvature, looks interesting. If the developers had more money and time, then Path of Neo could make a unique simulator of fights with firearms.


In the popular battle royale from Epic Games, Keanu (or rather John Wick in his performance) plays the role of a skin for a character. And now immediately two.

The story here is funny: the first skin, The Reaper, was rather a reference – let Fortnite fanbase call it “John Wick skin.” A lot of memes and jokes are connected with this, by the way, for example, the film “John Wick” is a screen version of Fortinte.

Recently, however, Epic announced a full-fledged collaboration with the John Wick film universe. If the old skin was rather stylized for the character Keanu Reeves, then the new one completely repeats its appearance. Yes, and he is now officially named – John Wick Skin.

Some of the fans were delighted with the new appearance of the actor in the game, and someone was upset: The Reaper skin could only be obtained by pumping a combat pass, and he was something like a cool game symbol. And now the studio has added a much better analog, which you can simply buy for donat.


The games on the licenses of the films in which Keanu was filmed came out even on old consoles. Many are now very difficult to find, and the move recalls only the game about Bill and Ted, characters from the film of the same name. In view of the modest power of the consoles, the actor’s participation in the game is minimal: the face of Keanu is recognized only in the boot image. In the game, he is a minimalist model, completely different from the actor.

Gameplay Bill & Ted’s Excellent

Keanu Reeves has long been part of the video game industry. However, these roles were very small – perhaps because an actor of this level (or at least his appearance) costs developers too much. So it is not surprising that his role in the future Cyberpunk 2077 is called “the first appearance in video games” – because it is the largest and loudest in his entire “playing” career.


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