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To install the Game Pass client on a PC, a Windows 10 update is required


The application works by analogy with Steam.

On June 10, the beta-testing of the Game Pass service on a PC started. Xbox corporate vice president Mike Ibarra (Mike Ybarra) said that the online client will need to install the latest Windows 10 update. Update 1903 requires that 32-bit systems work with the Microsoft store in the application.

The Game Pass client itself resembles Steam. It combines a store, a library of games, a list of friends, chat and other functions. Players have already noted some convenient innovations. For example, when you hover over a game label, a preview video automatically starts playing.

As part of the beta test, the cost of a monthly subscription is $ 4.99, with a discount it can be purchased for a dollar. After the full launch of the service, the cost will be $ 9.99 per month.

Microsoft launched the Game Pass on the PC – in its …In total, 104 games appeared on the PC service library, and the subscription price was $ 9.99 per …


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