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Microsoft bought studio Double Fine – creators of Psychonauts


The fact that the company will join Microsoft Game Studios was announced by the head of the association Matt Bootie and the general director of Double Fine Tim Scheifer at a press conference at E3 2019.

Studio has become the fifteenth developer at Game Studios, along with Ninja Theory, inXile and Obsidian.

As its employees promised in a separate video, nothing will change for them – in the future they will only pay more attention to PC, Xbox and Game Pass. And their upcoming RAD game will continue to be released by Bandai Namco.

According to Tim Schefer, now the studio will be able to realize its wildest ideas, without thinking about finding publishers and additional funding.

The conference also showed the first gameplay trailer Psychonauts 2.

Double Fine was founded in 2000 after the departure of Schaefer from LucasArts, where he worked on Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series.

After the conference, it became known that the publishing rights for Psychonauts 2 were transferred from Starbreeze to Microsoft for $ 13.2 million.


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