GhostWire Tokyo – guesses about Shinji Mikami’s new game on the debut trailer


And also, perhaps, a hint of the game’s release date.

Shinji Mikami is not Hideo Kojima, and he has never been known to be hoaxes. So thoroughly disassemble the GhostWire Tokyo debut trailer and there’s no need to look for subtle symbolism in it. However, something interesting can be found there.

Of course, many expected Mikami and Bethesda to continue The Evil Within, because the first part ended with a kliffhenger, and Ruvik’s line, the main villain of the game, was unfinished. Shinji Mikami didn’t work directly on the second part, but only produced – she was devoted to other events, but also left behind a few questions, answers to which we haven’t received yet.

The world of The Evil Within is built in such a way that almost anything can fit in it – including GhostWire Tokyo. It is unlikely that it will suddenly turn out that the new game Mikami is a continuation of the previous one: after all, The Evil Within 2 did not have commercial success, and the cult series can only be called in narrow circles.

However, I still want to speculate on this topic: what if the archer in GhostWire is Joseph Oda, one of the heroes of TEW, whose fate remains unknown? What if he fell to the lowest level of STEM, the “dream machine”?

Frame from trailer with some kind of programming console

Especially because in the trailer a lot of hints on the concept of the multiverse. Across Tokyo, posters and banners are hung with a kind of Multiverse event, which will be held in 2020 – similar to the announcement of the show, which promises some unusual travel. Although perhaps this is just a promo concert of a musical group.

He has a specific logo – the symbol with which, in general, the trailer begins. Three “zebras” forming a triangle.

Shibuy Crossroads

The concept of the Multiverse is hinted at by two more frames – in one of them we see a group of creatures with iridescent stripes on clothes. Perhaps these are travelers in the universe.

In another frame we see the arch, in which many other arches are opened. This is the Torii gate, symbolizing the entrance to another world. It resembles a portal from which creatures from a parallel dimension could appear – one of them, an eared monster, is killed by the main character, saving a girl in a trailer.

Well, once the portals are opened, and something dangerous appears from them, then they must be closed. At the end of the video, the hero releases a wave of energy, just being next to such an arch.


Supposedly travelers across the universes

Perhaps the game will need to clean the areas of Tokyo from evil and restore the usual reality


It would be logical to assume that from this event, which was somehow paid a lot of attention in the trailer, and the disaster began. People began to just disappear.

This event seemed familiar to many viewers – someone compares the trailer with The Leftovers TV series (“Left”), but most – with the last parts of “The Avengers” and the famous click of Thanos. The archer, who appeared in Tokyo after the disappearance of people — apparently the protagonist of the game — is reminiscent of Ronin’s Hawkeye, adds fuel to the fire.

However, apparently, there is not some higher power or “conditional Thanos” behind the disappearance of people, but quite specific people with bony hands in their jackets. On one of the frames you can see how one of them “finishes” the survivor, directing his hand to him.

Something like the Silence from Doctor Who, an alien race that has long been living among humans, but people instantly forget about them, you just have to look away.

They showed in the trailer a mysterious man in the mask of the traditional Japanese theater “but”, who could well be the main villain of the game. The mask is demonic, but for some reason one horn is cut off, and one of the eyes is bleeding. Behind him you can see people floating in the air.

And at the end of the possible release date of the game: 2020.7.16 – July 16, 2020. Of course, it may be just numbers, but still: the poster depicts a man in a demon mask, and the scene itself in a ramenny space does not carry any important meaning for the trailer.

Of course, all this is only speculation, but in The Evil Within Shinji Mikami proved that he can build deep and multifaceted stories with symbolism – sometimes very unobvious.

If you notice anything else interesting, share your thoughts in the comments.


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