Arkane announced Deathloop – a game of two killers who are trying to kill each other.


It is made by the French division of the studio, which created Dishonored.

The action of Deathloop takes place on the “complete lawlessness of the island” Black Vulture. “This place is not paradise, it is a prison.”

The developers promise that the gameplay will be as immersive, and the levels will be as complex and multi-level as in other Arkane games.

As you can guess from the name (literally – “Death Loop”), the gameplay is built around numerous attempts to achieve success, which will most often end in death.

Apparently, time on the island will regularly restart the giant mechanism shown in the video. The trailer says that one of the heroes will seek to interrupt the cycle, and the other, on the contrary, to save.

The game has no release window, no other details.


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