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Details of the gameplay Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from the exclusive material Game Informer


A game inspired by the classic metridv.
Game Informer journalist Andrew Reiner spent two days at the Respawn office, talking to developers and playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The result was a great material in which the author described in detail his experience and shared his impressions of the game – we chose the most interesting theses from it.

  • The game begins on the planet Bracca, on which the Empire handles Republican ships for parts – this symbolizes the fall of the old order.
  • The protagonist of the game, Cal Kestis, is a worker, forced to hide from the Empire because of his abilities. The developers do not tell too much about his background, hinting that he may be “someone important”, but claim that all this information will be revealed throughout the game, and Rei’s history will not repeat.
  • Kestis’s background is not revealed through flashbacks, but through the usual cutscenes, or even through gameplay moments – the developers wanted the players to feel that they were controlling the hero in real time. 
  • In the story, Cal meets a female “ex-Jedi Knight” and makes a deal with her, wanting to learn strength.
  • The main character also finds a friend – a droid called BD-1. The droid does not lag behind the owner, like a dog, and moves on his back. The image of the droid was created for about two years, and the legendary Ben Burtt, creator of Chewbacca’s voice and the sounds of Darth Vader, even participated in the creative process.
  • Then another main character appears in the plot – an alien, a representative of a species that was not in the canon before, and whom Respawn had invented specifically for the game. The authors were inspired by the image of the actor John C. Riley and the character from the sitcom “Three is a company”.
  • Moving between the planets on a spacecraft occurs “in real time” – no loading screens, but a lot of time for “extra classes” on board.
  • The ship on which the heroes travel can be customized.
  • About half of the planets in the game will be completely new.
  • The author noted in the game military equipment, which first appeared in the animated series “Star Wars: Rebels”.
  • Asmussen states that the scene on Kashiike is one of the few linear, cinematic episodes that should be perceived as a film. This moment does not reflect how the main part of the Fallen Order is arranged.
  • The game has many chests, finding that Cal increases its health and strength indicators, and also receives new ability points.
  • The journalist was not revealed all the abilities that the protagonist can unlock, however, they showed him the screen “with circles connected to each other with the sea”.
  • In the chests you can also find cosmetic items, including lightsabers of almost any color other than red.
  • With the help of force, you can push away and attract objects, as well as slow them down – as Kylo Ren slowed the blaster shot at the beginning of “The Force Awakens.” There will be other abilities, but Respawn does not yet tell about them.
  • Throwing a lightsaber works like throwing an ax in God of War – he can hurt someone by returning to his hand.
  • All special abilities expend Power, which can be replenished by killing enemies.
  • In battle, it is necessary to monitor both health and endurance, and for Force – battles turn into intense “dance” in which it is necessary to calculate every movement.
  • Music in the game, according to Rainer, is combined with the works of John Williams. The soundtrack changes depending on what is happening on the screen.
  • The empire knows who it is hunting for, and therefore it sends almost exclusively anti-Jediish units against Cal: soldiers with energy shields, flamethrowers, or even rocket launchers.
  • One of the most dangerous opponents is K-2SO, droids familiar to players in the movie “Outcast One”.
  • The developers promise a lot of different bosses and mini-bosses, which definitely will not be “repainted versions of each other.”
  • The game is not based on combos – the developers wanted the player to feel like a Jedi, relying only on their own agility and ability to calculate the situation. Any blow can be performed at any time, and almost all special blows are tied either to double pressing a button or to holding it.
  • The health of the protagonist is not restored with time; he needs to use special first-aid kits that work exactly like the flasks with Estus in Dark Souls.
  • Droid BD-1 can synthesize first-aid kits, but for this it will need resources. The developers say that getting additional first-aid kits should be perceived as a serious reward.
  • The journalist spent about 30 minutes on Kashiike, and he was assured that he saw only 15-20 percent of this planet.
  • Reiner was also shown the “sandbox” that developers use to test battles: he saw a battle between imperial forces and “huge huge creatures”, as well as slugs and “aggressive lizards”.
  • The map of the region in the game is presented in the form of a hologram appearing from the eyes of the droid – the game is not paused at this moment, so the player must use the card with caution.
  • The map shows the places already visited, as well as points of interest. According to the journalist, working with the map turns into one of the key aspects of the gameplay – there is no system in Fallen Order that tells the player where to go.
  • At some point, the player is given complete freedom of movement – he can explore the area in different ways, or come across an inaccessible passage, for unlocking which you need to learn a certain forceful “trick”.
  • When creating locations, the developers were strongly inspired by Metroid Prime, however, in their opinion, their approach will not be too much like metroidvania and will seem “fresh” to the players.
  • The developers say that, initially, EA was skeptical about the idea of ​​Respawn to make a game on Star Wars. The studio then began work on a new IP, showed a demo to the EA management, and they unexpectedly stated that this game “would have great potential” if it were used in a Star Wars setting. The team enthusiastically agreed.
  • Initially, Lucasfilm was skeptical about the idea of ​​a Jedi game, as she was very serious about this particular part of her universe and was afraid that the developers would do something wrong. Respawn had to reveal many details of the project to convince Lucasfilm to agree.

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