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Ubisoft Vice President again explained why there are no political connotations in the company’s games


Developers offer a look at the problem from different angles.

Tommy Francois , vice president of editorial at Ubisoft , stated that creating games without political overtones is a step towards creating “more mature” games. In Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has already shown the conflict of a religious radical sect with the residents of Montana, and in Watch Dogs 2 – the adventures of hackers who are fighting with the city’s corrupt authorities and corporations in the name of freedom of privacy.

In an interview with Tommy, François explained that Ubisoft wants to provide players with all the available information about a particular issue and then allow them to choose a side and decide on their own.

Francois said that if he were making a game about the war in Vietnam, he would have described the conflict from the point of view of the American and Vietnamese soldiers. The game becomes “more mature” when there are nuances in it, and not just black and white tones, the Ubisoft top manager is sure.


Such an approach can lead developers to completely provocative ideas. For example, show Nazism from the unconventional side. But Francois is sure that the forbidden order can not be. The developers themselves from Ubisoft sometimes have to contend with self-censorship, and the main creative director Serge Khaskoe even asked the staff to “push” him to difficult topics.

I want games to give gamers complete autonomy. If someone just wants to have fun – this is his choice, let the players do what they want.

Tommy Francoisvice president of Ubisoft

Vice President Ubisoft explained that, in general, the company aims to make not “apolitical” games, but, rather, games that include several political views and themes. So players can look at the question from different points of view and make something for themselves.


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