Many maps and a new front: what we learned about the future of Battlefield V on EA Play


The developers used the help of DICE LA, so the release of new levels will accelerate.

The main theme of the presentation was the cards – their DICE promised eight at once, but almost nothing is known about three of them.

Five cards until October

  • The North African Al-Sundan Card is a “classic Battlefield” with active use of technology. It is built on the basis of one of the campaign missions (“Without Banners”) and will be released on June 27.
  • The map “Marita” , according to the developers, was created for tough infantry battles in the narrow streets of the city with elements of vertical gameplay. It is quite narrow and made “in the form of a banana” – so that players constantly collide with each other in narrow spaces. She will be released in July.
  • In August, the cards “Lofoten Islands” and “Provence” – both for melee.
  • “Operation Subway” is inspired by the famous map from Battlefield 3. The developers promise many unique battle sites, including city squares and technical tunnels. It will be released in October and will complete the fourth chapter.

General details

  • The “Fire Storm” mode will receive many upgrades, including the ability to revive next to the squad and an improved trophy collection system. In the middle of June a new iconic place will appear on the map – “Dome”.
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  • Infantry maps involved studio DICE LA. EA decided to go this route, because the compact modes have become very successful among the players – especially the Squad Capture.
  • The developers will increase the maximum level in the game from 50 to 500.
  • Since September, the game will be able to rent private servers.

The fifth chapter – three new cards, two new sides

  • The fifth chapter of Battlefield V will be devoted to the Pacific front.
  • The game will be marine technology, and the gameplay will be built around the capture of island territories.
  • As part of the chapter, there will be three cards with known places, including Iwo Jima.
  • Together with the Pacific front in the game, the armies of the USA and Japan will appear.

Previously, the publisher added a shooter to the basic subscription of Origin Access and EA Access, and also presented a full-fledged trailer for upcoming updates to the fourth chapter with a fifth teaser at the end.


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