Leak: Elden Ring is the next FromSoftware game by Hidetaki Miyazaki and George Martin


New action-RPG announced at the Microsoft conference.

The first art in his twitter was shared by analyst Daniel Ahmad, also informing the platform: PS4, Xbox One and PC. It does not act as an original source and only confirmed the accuracy of the leak.

Rumors that George Martin was working with FromSoftware appeared in March, after which the writer stated in his blog that he had participated in the creation of a certain Japanese game, indirectly confirming insiders’ information.


According to early leaks , Elden Ring will be in the dark fantasy genre and will allow you to ride a horse between several kingdoms.

Probably, the announcement of the game at E3 will be held at the Microsoft conference, where the Bleeding Edge from Ninja Theory will also be shown. Materials on this game also leaked to the network, including the first trailer.


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