14 minutes of gameplay, first details and screenshots of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


The show was part of EA Play.

The game is dedicated to the Padawan, who managed to avoid the “order 66”. He will be confronted by attackers-sweepers led by an inquisitor – the Second Sister, and as an assistant he has a hand droid BD-1.

The main character, Padawan Cal Kestis, is played by Cameron Monaghan, famous for the TV series “Gotham”. Demo – clean gameplay without gluing. Events unfold 3 hours after the start of the game.


Concept art


  • This is a linear story adventure.
  • The game is part of the Star Wars canon. It will at least appear the hero of Forest Whitaker from “Outcast-one” – So Herrera.
  • Fallen Order will be shown again at the Microsoft conference.
  • Cal cannot go to the dark side of the Force – there is no choice.
  • The demo events take place after 3 hours of play, on the Wuki home planet – Kashyyk. The main character is no longer a Padawan, but not a full-fledged Jedi yet.
  • The main character actively uses the Force – with the help of it in the demo, for example, he stops the fan blades in order to go further. It also slows down time, attracts a stormtrooper to itself and “puts” on its own shot from a blaster.
  • Cal can climb, use creepers and cables to move, and also runs along the walls. The game also has a double jump.
  • The protagonist is constantly accompanied by a droid BD-1.
  • In Fallen Order, apparently, there is no blood and full dismemberment.


Separately, the authors note that in the Fallen Order there will be no multiplayer, luthboxes and microtransactions. DLC is also not planned – Respawn wants to release a completely self-sufficient game.

The pre-order is a cosmetic image for the lightsaber and mate of the droid, and the extended edition includes a documentary about the design and a set of cosmetic equipment for Cal.

In the Microsoft store for Xbox One, the basic version costs the traditional $ 60, and the expanded version – $ 70.The release is scheduled for November 15: in Russia the game will be releasedentirely in Russian.


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