World sales of Satisfactory exceeded 500 thousand copies


The game was released only in the Epic Games Store.

According to the Coffee Stain studio, the exact circulation of Satisfactory is 507,374 copies. The game reached this point three months after the release in early access.

Satisfactory also showed the best starting sales among all the games of the Coffee Stain studio, famous for the Sanctum and Goat Simulator series.

Satisfactory is an engineering simulator in the open world that came out in early access in March 2019. The game can only be purchased at Epic Games Store.

Previously, the developers joked that sales of Satisfactory reached only 9 copies, and after a few refands were even less. The game’s publisher, THQ Nordic, noted that the Satisfactory edition at EGS exceeded the company’s expectations.

Comic Tvit Coffee Stain on Satisfactory Sales

THQ Nordic Head: EGS – Our Leading Digital Quarter Revenue Platform


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