The first Cataclysm in Anthem disappointed the players – it turned out to be a “blue filter with the wind”


And it is hardly worth waiting for something more.

BioWare talked about Cataclysms in Anthem even before the release of the game in February. This is a global event, the teaser of which was first shown during the gameplay demonstration at E3 2017.

Later, the players saw another teaser of the Cataclysm in the demo, after which BioWare promised that this was only its first stage. The event itself eventually lagged a lot – it was supposed to start in the spring, but it was shown only at the beginning of summer, and so far it is available only on the test server.

The event was not what the players were waiting for – both in content and visually. A cataclysm is an event during which freelancers get out into the open world and perform tasks for the allotted amount of time in order to get to the boss.

Most of the players were disappointed by the appearance of the phenomenon – instead of a storm from the first gameplay video of the game during the Cataclysm, a “blue filter with wind” and a funnel appeared in the sky.

Above – the first teaser of the Cataclysm, below – the gameplay from the test server

Funnel in the sky on a test server

You can look at the Cataclysm in the gameplay videos of the players from the test server, but the stream of developers with it is removed from everywhere.

First Anthem gameplay from E3 2017

Gameplay from the test server in Cataclysm

This was the reason for the next wave of criticism towards the developers, and although some players still hope that the test server is only an early version, many have already lost hope.

One of the users of the Reddit section of the game ridiculed the Cataclysm, removing through blue glasses, as he pours water and shakes the branches of trees outside. The post has already gained more than four thousand pluses and has reached the top.

A few months after the release, Anthem lost almost the entire audience on Twitch (only a few dozen people are watching the game broadcasts), and EA herself admitted that the launch of the game did not live up to its expectations.

EA report: moderately successful fiscal year, Anthem failure and plans until autumn 


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