Sources Jason Schreier believe that the next part of Splinter Cell is not even in development


According to the editor Kotaku, in the near future the next game about Sam Fisher should not be expected.

As Jason Schreier stated in the Splitscreen podcast, he asked several insiders about the new Splinter Cell – and none of them had heard that Ubisoft was in the next part of this series.

Editor Kotaku suggested that his sources may not be aware of the upcoming game, because it is in the early stages of development. Based on this, Jason Schreyer believes that the new Splinter Cell will definitely not be released in the near future.

I asked a few people about the new Splinter Cell, because everyone wants to know whether it will come out or not. Everyone I spoke with said that, according to their data, the new Splinter Cell is not in development.

I can confidently state that Splinter Cell should not be expected in the near future.Jason schreierKotaku editor


Earlier in the GameStop store, Sam Fisher’s pre-order points were briefly opened , which fans took as a hint at the possible announcement of the new Splinter Cell on E 3 2019. Jason Schreier then wrote that all people hoping to show the game in 2019 were disappointed.

In mid-May, Julian Gerity, creative director of The Division 2, said that he was working on a new Splinter Cell. The French company hastily called the words of the top manager a joke and stressed that she had nothing to announce yet.

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