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Business meeting in lats and cerebromorphism: Larian comic video about obtaining rights to Baldur’s Gate III


With the founder of the studio Sven Winke in the lead role.

Nine-minute video Larian employees released as the first “developer diary.” However, most of the timing takes a sketch of how they managed to get franchise rights from Wizards of the Coast.

According to the story, a trip to the office of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons became a test for the head of Larian Sven Winka – for many years, the license for Baldur’s Gate was not transferred to anyone.

Winka came to the meeting with the leadership prepared – in armor and with confidence that the developers will be able to create a grand RPG, faithful to the lore of the universe. But the mention of cerebromorphism, the reincarnation of man into a mollusk-like illithid, put him in a dead end.

The head of Larian has to go on trick – he concluded the lead designer of the fifth D & D edition, Mike Mirls, in a magic flask and secretly took him to Belgium, to the main office of the studio.

In the final of the video, Winke turned to the fans and promised that the company’s employees would regularly report on the development of Baldur’s Gate III. As during the work on Divinity: Original Sin 2, they will answer the questions and wishes of the players and show the individual features of the upcoming RPG.

The release of the game will take place no earlier than 2020 on PC and Google Stadia.


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