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An animator from Blizzard told about the cancellation of the project, which was in development for two years


It is not yet clear what game is being played, but Kotaku seems to be launching an investigation.

According to animator David Gibson, players will not see the results of two years of his work.

Well, today is my last day at Blizzard. Unfortunately, you will never see what we have done in the last two years – this is gamedev. But you will always have an Overwatch. I take six weeks of rest before my new job begins (I need it). I’ll tell you the details soon, but for now see my last reel on Overwatch.

Jonathan Cooper, an animator of Naughty Dog, appeared in the tweet replay, surprised that he had not yet read about the canceled game of Kotaku, to which Jason Schreier responded with a hint.

Well, until [read].

Kotaku has previously reported a tense situation at Blizzard. The studio has not released a full-fledged game for a long time and several times re-started the development of Diablo 4 (the last time – in 2016-2017).

As a result, Blizzard fell under the mass dismissal , but its victims were mostly employees from the PR department. Development teams publishing house, in contrast, began to pump people to the studio began to produce new games more often.

The main thing from the report of Kotaku on the problematic development of Diablo IV and the changes in Blizzard 


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