Sega’s gaming revenue grew by a third despite a small number of releases.


And Persona 5 has sold two million copies.

According to the annual financial report of Sega, despite the fact that they released fewer games than planned, this segment of the company still showed good results.

And if the indicator of total revenue for the year almost did not change (1.9 billion dollars), then the operating profit increased by 33%, reaching 135 million dollars.

The report also noted that sales of physical copies of games in the past fiscal year increased. Revenues from the boxed version and the “figures” amounted to $ 522 million and $ 352 million, respectively, although the figures for the year before were approximately equal.

The main releases of the past months in Sega called Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, as well as Persona 5 released outside of Japan. Sales of Atlus RPGs to date have exceeded two million copies.

Sega Sammy holding as a whole, however, performed worse than in the previous fiscal year. Revenues fell by 11.8% to 2.9 billion, while net profit fell more than doubled ($ 81 million).


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