Kotaku: cross-platform saves will appear in Destiny 2, and the game will be released on Google Stadia


Most likely, this will be announced along with the announcement of the next DLC.

Update: Kotaku sources confirmed the leak about the save and told about the release in the streaming service Google. Note updated.

The image with the phrase “cross save” was found in the files of the PC version of the shooter from Bungie – just like the first information about the Shadowkeep add-on.

In the files Destiny 2 found the teaser for the following addition – its action will unfold on the Moon 

Datamyner with the nickname Ginsor, responsible for several “plums” that eventually turned out to be accurate, posted a picture on his twitter.

It seems that the developers are planning to officially announce the introduction of a unified system of saving on different platforms on June 6 at the first presentation of the upcoming DLC. How exactly this function is implemented in Destiny 2 is not yet known.

Later, four sources of Kotaku portal confirmed that Bungie is really preparing to launch cross-platform saves. According to them, access to the same characters from one account will be on the players on the PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia, where the game will be released later. Compatibility with PS4 is still in question.

Most likely, Google will announce the release of Destiny 2 in its service at the presentation on June 6, which will begin at 19:00 Moscow time. The announcement of additions Shadowkeep should take place an hour later.

At the press conference dedicated to Stadia, promised “exciting announcements, games and much more.” According to media reports, the company will announce the price and launch date of the service.


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