“God Save the NPC”: The First Teaser and Watch Dogs Legion Logo


The publisher officially confirmed the name of the game and indirectly hinted at yesterday’s leak about interactive NPCs.

In addition, the remapped phrase “God Save the Queen” is an obvious reference to the scene of action.

God save the NPC. Announcement on E3.

In the official account of the game, you can find a bright red logo.

  • According to VG247, the development of the game is headed by the creative director of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
  • Legion will unfold in the dystopian version of London’s near future.
  • Kotaku believes that due to the procedural generation system of managed NPC, the game was postponed at least once.
  • The game, presumably, will be released before April 1, 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion description appeared on Amazon UK – insiders have confirmed the leak 


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