Developer Modern Warfare: “Several testers cried while playing”


Over what specific missions, he did not elaborate.

Jacob Minkoff, the gameplay director of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare story campaign, told PCGamesN that several testers had burst into tears during the game. He did not specify on which missions.

It is known that in one of the episodes of Modern Warfare, players will have to clean the building, in which there are both terrorists and civilians. The main character will need to quickly understand who is in front of him, and in case of an error some serious consequences await him.

Another assignment shows how a nine-year-old girl confronts Russian invaders. In one episode, she kills a soldier who mortally wounded her father.

Art director Joel Emsley compared the upcoming Call of Duty with movies like Killer and Sniper.


I have never seen in the games of Modern Warfare such a story as here. The stories of the original trilogy were wonderful for their time, but I think that now the community is expecting more from us. [Story] should be deeper. Now the really great story is at the forefront.

Joel emsleyart director Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled for October 25. The game will be a “soft” restart sub-series with an emphasis on realism. It will show a war in which there is no right and wrong side, and will focus on people, their deprivations and experiences.


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