343 Industries community manager said a displeased Halo fan threatened to come to his house with a gun


He took the threat seriously, as he had already faced crime in his life.

Tyler Davis, who occupies the post of community liaison coordinator in 343 Industries, said he was recently threatened by one of the players in Halo. He promised to come home to Davis with a gun. The reason for discontent became bugs in the game.

Davis drew attention to the problem of toxicity, which results in this behavior of players.

I put my whole soul into Halo and struggle to help players when and where I can. It has never been and will not be the norm to threaten to come to someone home with thoughts of violence because of the damn bug.

Tyler Davis community manager 343 Industries

Employee 343 Industries explained why it so badly responded to the threat in the network. He grew up in an unfavorable area in which people actually pointed weapons at one another and fired. Davis himself was robbed once. He lived between two houses in which gangs slept.

A community manager at 343 Industries noted that now he and his family are safe.


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