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Australian Commission on Consumer Protection has filed a lawsuit against Sony because of the return policy funds


After a similar claim, the refand system was entered into Steam.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – ACCC) filed a lawsuit against Sony’s European division, accusing them of infringing on the rights of Australian PSN users.

The main complaint is the refund policy for non-working games purchased in the PSN service. Sony Europe claimed to the players that the funds were not returned if the user had already downloaded the game or if more than two weeks had passed since the purchase.

Also, Australian Consumer Protection Act violates the PSN Wallet Money Back Policy – by the rules, funds must be transferred in the same way that the purchase was made.

Consumers who buy digital goods online, have exactly the same rights as when paying for a physical product.

It does not matter in which part of the world the company is headquartered. If she does business with Australian buyers, she must comply with local laws.

Rod Sims Head of ACCC

In 2014, ACCC filed a similar lawsuit against the Valve company – as a result, a refand system appeared on Steam a year later. The company was found guilty and fined $2.1 million.

It is possible that the case against Sony will force it to change its refund policy worldwide.


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