Adaptation of the card game “Uno” was the most popular mode of the “Workshop” Overwatch


True, only in America and Europe.

The list of the most popular modes created in the script editor was published on the forum by Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan.

In the American and European regions, the adaptation of the game Uno was in the top. Users played more than a thousand matches and spent in the mode of 1370 hours.

Movie with the game “Uno” in Overwatch

According to Kaplan, “Uno” is in the lead because there is only one version of it in the whole “Workshop”. Unlike, for example, training modes and galleries.

Variations on the topic of children’s games, for example, “potatoes” and “gender – this is lava,” as well as two different adaptations of the mobile game Flappy Bird, also hit the chart.

  1. Uno – 1370 hours, 1556 matches (WMVZC code)
  2. Floor Is Lava Parkour – 1246 hours, 899 matches (code 9DFF3)
  3. McCree Hot Potato – 1048 hours, 1261 matches (code 9J4NE)
  4. Hammond Racing – 942 hours, 1271 matches (code JWY47)
  5. Gun Game – 940 hours, 1469 matches (code 9655A)
  6. D.Va Bumperkart – 897 hours, 1094 matches (code 6ZBX5)
  7. Flappy Bird – 765 hours, 1966 matches (code 4QY7N)
  8. Floor Is Lava – 681 hours, 823 matches (code TGT12)
  9. D.Va Racing – 633 hours, 1291 matches (code BD9WP)
  10. Endgame – 598 hours, 493 matches (PJTY1 code)

For South Korea, the top had to be created separately because of its particular popularity in the country.

The most popular user mode among local players is the High Blood Pressure Marathon (BJFYV code), where all abilities are restored instantly, and the use of “ults” is unlimited. It spent 5,447 hours and played 4,870 matches.

The script editor was added to the game on May 21, and it appeared on test servers a month before.

First works in the script editor Overwatch – May on a silver surf and an alternative to the Gun Game mode from CS: GO 


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