The official tabletop RPG for Sea of ​​Thieves will be released in October


The authors promise that there will be treasures and krakens in the game.

The RPG was run by Mongoose Publishing, known for its science fiction and fantasy games such as Paranoia and Traveler.

According to the creators of Sea of ​​Thieves, nastolka focused

 on fast gaming sessions with an emphasis on action. In the role of pirates, players will be able to explore the world, go in search of treasure, besiege the forts with skeletons alive and meet sea monsters.

A complete set with a nastolka on Sea of ​​Thieves costs 60 pounds , and a digital version with rules books is twice cheaper. Those who pre-order will receive the book in PDF format immediately, before the release in October.

Included with the physical version is a special code to get the sails for Sea of ​​Thieves on a PC or Xbox One.


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