Studio co-author “Rica and Morty” bought out the trademark Radical Heights from Cliff Bleszinski


Now the rights to the royal battle belong to the Squanch Games.

Studio Squanch Games, founded by co-author of the series “Rick and Morty” Justin Royland, bought the rights to the trademark Radical Heights. This is a shareware shooter developed by Cliff Bleszinski’s studio, Boss Key Productions.

The game came out in Steam’s early access and was supposed to help Boss Key Productions “get back on its feet” after the failure of LawBreakers. Nevertheless, the number of users in the shooter was low. Bleszinski himself said that the game was very popular, but it was too late to correct the situation. Boss Key Productions closedin May 2018.

Studio Squanch Games has so far released only one game – the absurd adventure platformer Trover Saves the Universe for PSVR. On the PC title comes out on June 4th.


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