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Due to the Artifact incident, two-factor authentication in Twitch has become mandatory for all new streamers.


The creators of the service found out that most of the accounts participating in the action were automated.

At the end of May, the card game Artifact, which had lost its audience after the release, suddenly got into the top Twitch. This happened thanks to numerous streams of movies, porn and anime.

Soon the creators of the service made a statement on their twitter. According to their investigation, most of the accounts leading and viewing the broadcast have been automated.

Twitch had to temporarily disable the ability to run broadcasts for new accounts, while the company was engaged in the removal of violating content and thinking about solving the problem.

It was the introduction of the mandatory inclusion of two-factor authentication for all new streamers – they cannot enable translation without it. At the same time in Twitch work on other measures.

We take seriously what has happened and are working on other changes to avoid similar coordinated activity in our service.from the Twitch statement

What specific changes in question is still unknown.


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