Authors Anthem told about “Cataclysm”


First, the event will be available on test servers.

BioWare conducted a stream dedicated to the upcoming in-game event “Cataclysm”. In early June, it will be available on test servers on a PC, after which a full release will take place. The event will last eight weeks.

  • “Cataclysm” is designed for six players. There are several levels of difficulty that affect the value of the reward.
  • Players appear in the safe zone. Beyond it, a storm rages – it will inflict damage on the Javeline.
  • As soon as the player leaves the safe zone, a timer starts. On the stream limit was 15 minutes. When the time expires, the mission ends and points are calculated. Gamers need to clean the arena scattered around the map.
  • The team must complete as many tasks as possible and defeat the final boss.
  • Each arena has its own features and tricks that will allow them to pass faster and earn more points.
  • In each arena there is a special red area, destroying which, you can create a safe zone around you – it is not affected by a cataclysm. However, the score multiplier will then be reset.
  • Task execution will increase the timer time.
  • The boss is the leader of the Dominion. If you defeat him, all points are doubled.
  • The game will have new mechanics and systems: Inversions, Scoring and Leaderboards.
  • Inversions: every aspect of the gameplay will change. For example, the ulta will reload faster or some types of weapons will become more powerful.
  • Scoring: for battles in a storm, players will get more points than in a safe zone.
  • Leaderboards – leaderboards.
  • The developers will balance the difficulty of Grandmaster 3.
  • “Cataclysm” will last eight weeks. During the first two weeks there will be a “pre-event”.
  • The chance to drop items now depends on the difficulty.
  • Luck is replaced by armor. All players will have the maximum amount of luck as a baseline.
  • “Cataclysm” will include three new missions.

In addition, the game will have new weapons, rewards, bosses, armor and equipment. Also, the developers have increased the rate of loss of loot for the complexity of GM3.


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