Activision introduced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – with Captain Price and release October 25


The game does not take into account the events of Modern Warfare 3 and the most memorable character of the series will return to it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released a little earlier than the usual beginning of November, but later than Black Ops 4, which was released on October 12 to beat Red Dead Redemption 2.

The developers noted that this is Modern Warfare, and not Modern Warfare 4 – a “soft” restart of the sub-franchise.

The game will tell about the modern war from the point of view of 2019, and not from the point of view of the previous parts of the series, which have completely ceased to resemble the real world.

New Modern Warfare does not take into account the final of Modern Warfare 3. The developers this time decided to devote the entire campaign to the theme of “gray” morality and make each mission provocative – in the spirit of “No Russian”.

In Modern Warfare 2 there was one mission that seemed offensive to some, which from the point of view of some crossed the line. It was a provocative mission with a “gray” morality.

In the new game, instead of making one such level, and adding all provocative content to it, we decided that our entire storyline campaign would be about this – about the morally complex nature of modern war.
from the developers statement


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First details from the presentation

  • The game supports cross-platform multiplayer.
  • The game will not be the traditional “seasonal pass.”
  • Developers call Modern Warfare “military-sim.”
  • The game will have a traditional multiplayer and cooperative missions, but it looks like there will be no zombie mode and the “Battle of the King”.
  • The game makes the most realistic – authentic, dirty and devoid of “superhero” effect. Modern Warfare uses a new engine, specially prepared for this purpose. It uses raytreaming shadows, reflections and sound, volumetric light, dynamic global illumination and “spectral rendering” to display the effect of night vision goggles.
  • Captain Price and some other significant characters will appear in the game., but their story will not take into account the events of Modern Warfare 3. The developers say that they have taken the path of the Bondians, and Captain Price is now a character who, like Bond, does not have a single canonical timeline.
  • In the understanding of developers, the war in 2019 is very different from the war, which in the series of Modern Warfare portrayed earlier. Now the war is fought not somewhere far away, in a foreign country, but right in your home, while the enemies often do not wear identification marks.
  • Modern Warfare will have an absolutely “gray” moral – each side will have its own convincing motivation. The game will include allies and enemies from Russia, allies and enemies from the USA, and allies and enemies from the Middle East -none of the parties will be considered right or wrong.
  • At the closed presentation, a fragment of the mission was shown in which operatives stormed the terrorist base in a residential building in central London. The gameplay consisted mainly of dynamic skirmishes, and of the systematic “combing” of the premises – floor by floor. The developers claim that the “classic” mission with large-scale firefights in the game will also be.
  • In the campaign there will be missions in which the player will play for rebels from the Middle East.
  • One of the key characters is the Russian general, who went too far in fighting the terrorist threat and invaded a fictional Middle Eastern state. According to the developers, he will not act as an unequivocal evil – his motivation can be understood, because the terrorist threat to his country really exists.
  • The game will have four types of gameplay.: a player in the role of a professional soldier, equipped with the latest technology, fights against the same soldiers of the enemy; player-soldier fights against numerous and poorly equipped rebels; the player in the role of a rebel fights with professional soldiers, the player in the role of a rebel fights against the same rebels. In each of these cases, the war can be viewed from a different angle.
  • According to the developers, playing the old Call of Duty and other similar shooters, they felt uncomfortable when in the game they just had to follow orders without thinking too much about the moral side of the issue. The main themes of the Modern Warfare will be the moral ambiguity and the consequences of the committed actions, and its main goal developers set “push the boundaries” of video games as a narrative medium.
  • The main sources of inspiration for the developers are Clint Eastwood’s The American Sniper, Peter Berg’s The Survivor, and Denis Villeneuve The Killer.
  • According to the developers, in some versions of Modern Warfare 2 there was a warning to skip the No Russian mission. In the new game, they tried to do the same, but after analyzing it for provocative content that people might want to miss, they found out that if you cut it out, only an hour of gameplay remains.



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