“A true adventure”: what journalists say about Outer Wilds


Twenty minutes after the start of the game, the sun explodes in the world of the game, and you fall into a temporary loop.

On May 30, Euter and the Xbox One hosted Outer Wilds, an indie adventure game from Mobius Digital Studios. The main character got into a temporary loop: at the end of each day, the Sun explodes in the local star system. The player’s task is to explore the planets for interesting places and have time before the star once again kills all living things. After death – continue the adventure further.

Simultaneously with the release of the first reviews appeared on the game. Journalists took Outer Wilds warmly: in their opinion, this is one of the best adventure projects of late.

Outer Wilds is a game in which everything is tied up on time. The solar system lives on one repeating “schedule”, which the player must guess and remember. If you go explore one planet, the window of opportunity for exploring another will close: for example, the necessary input may fall asleep with sand. Or simply not enough time.

Therefore, the game does not have long chains of quests – all the adventures are short, but saturated.

I wake up, jump into my ship and turn on the magazine. In the ruins of a new entrance. Rumor has it that there are other points of interest. I’m stuck in a time loop. What is better to explore this time?

Phil SavagePC Gamer

At the same time, the game is quite unlike other space simulators. In Outer Wilds there is no procedural generation — just a small star system with hand-made planets. The planets themselves are small – according to Josh Tolentino, the author of Destructoid, “not more than those that were in The Little Prince”. But, despite their size, all locations are filled with many different events.

In this regard, Tolentino even compared Outer Wilds with immersive Sims like Deus Ex: the planets are small, but they always have something to do. At the same time, the player has almost nothing to risk (unless, by the time, there are no check-points) – you will still be revived after the nearest explosion of the star.

The author of GOGconnected Ricky Knight praised the ENT Outer Wilds. Most of the time, the player will explore the ruins of an ancient high-tech race that left behind a bunch of riddles, treasures and puzzles. Following the attempts of the main character to find out what eventually happened, a big, rich in details story will form a piece after piece.


Questions such as “where they went,” “what they wanted to do,” and “what they left behind” will take the player through the entire history of Outer Wilds, which will deepen your understanding of this universe.

Ricky Knightby GOGconnected

As it was already possible to understand, the game does not claim to be realism at all. Instead, she puts on the foreground a “cartoony”, almost childish style that only enhances the spirit of adventure. And you can forget about serious physics in Outer Wilds.

Here, rounded edges, clumsy charm and mystery dominate over technology and photorealism. Hell, even your loyal spaceship is made of wood. Its launch tower is highly flammable.
John Tolentinoby Destructoid

PC Gamer author Phil Savage noted that the game had a great job on decorating the game – it’s nice to be in the world of Outer Wilds.

At that time, while the Sun has not yet exploded, the world of Outer Wilds is a good place to occupy yourself with something. Of course, there are dangers here – for example, it’s too disturbing to be on one planet. But otherwise – be it an attempt to look into a remote corner of the planet, or just look at the entire solar system – thanks to its bright, expressive artistic style and winding soundtrack, […] the game world remains a welcoming and pleasant place

.Phil SavagePC Gamer

Journalists drew attention to some problems – for example, the ship is too clumsy to control, and the game itself sometimes leaves too few leads to solve the riddle. But despite all this, the world of Outer Wilds is still very interesting to explore.

Outer Wilds proves that a genuine adventure can be obtained rather where the entire design and structure is thought out in advance – rather than in those endless spaces that many modern games offer.

John Tolentinoby Destructoid

The average score on the Metacritic game at the time of this writing was 88 points – based on 6 opinions.


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