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Total War: Three Kingdoms sold a million copies in less than a week


The game has become the fastest selling in the series.

The success of the strategy was reported by the developers themselves from Creative Assembly. The studio said that they are very grateful to the fans, and one of its leaders said that China was one of the main markets for them.

We knew that the Three Kingdoms would be one of the most unusual in the franchise, but the response of old and new fans surpassed all our expectations. Many people wrote comments in the spirit: “This is the best Total War.” So we are proud of our work.

And over the past four to five years, China has become one of the largest markets for our franchise. Now users from there – almost the main audience of Three Kingdoms.

Rob Bartholomew product director of Total War

Total War, dedicated to the period shortly before the Epoch of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China, had previously become the most pre-ordered in the history of the series.

Total War: Three Kingdoms has become the most pre-ordered part of the series 

At the time of writing, the strategy is still in the top of Steam by the number of active players. The peak figure for May 29 exceeded 161,000, second only to Dota 2, PUBG and CS: GO.


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