Ice-Pick Lodge adds complexity to the Mor


At the same time, Russian developers advised not to set a low level, since the game was conceived as “tedious, grinding bone”.

Ice-Pick Lodge said it would add a choice of difficulty to Mor in 2-3 weeks. The studio noted that it will introduce this option at the request of the players, as well as to prevent the use of cheat codes – according to the team, this “completely transforms the game.”

How many levels of difficulty appear in the “Sea” is not reported. Ice-Pick Lodge does not recommend playing at the minimum rate, since the main characters must constantly “be on the verge of death” and “clearly do wrong things”.

“Pestilence” must be difficult to the point of being carried out – otherwise the entire effect is lost. We recognize that each has its own distinction, but we strongly advise against making it easy.

But we like the idea of ​​transferring this freedom – and this responsibility – to you: after all, the achievement of those who do not use the slider and complete the game on the planned difficulty will become even more vivid and authentic.

from Ice-Pick Lodge statement

Mor is a rethinking of the Mor (Utopia) Survivorhorror, released in 2005. The release of the modern version took place on May 23 on a PC – while only one of the three story campaigns is available.

The release trailer “Mora” 


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