Card “Bank” for Hitman 2 will be released June 25


Together with her, two additional missions will be added to the game.

The release date of the DLC developers from IO Interactive announced during the stream on May 27, showing the first promo.

All content coming out on June 25th will be part of the first set of add-ons, also included in the Expansion Pass. Players who purchase a Silver or Gold edition will receive it immediately.

“Bank” is a full-fledged location, and the mission on this card will be called Golden Handshake (“Golden Handshake”).


On the same day, players will have access to two special missions in Mumbai and Colombia – Illusions of Grandeur (“Illusions of Greatness”) and Embrace of the Serpent (“Snake’s Embrace”).

In more detail about the new map and missions in IO promised to tell closer to release.

Judging by the content plan published earlier, the rest of the DLC, including the second additional location, will be released only in the fall.


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