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GOG will update Galaxy launcher – it will collect games from other clients and platforms into one library


Already open record for beta testing.

CD Projekt’s digital store has been developing its own launcher for several years, but plans to completely restart it with Galaxy 2.0.

Apparently, the developers are going to create a single gaming ecosystem. The Galaxy website states that the program will allow you to import games from PCs and consoles, while libraries, statistics, achievements, chats, friend lists and other functions will be collected in one place.

It seems that third-party services like Steam, Uplay and EGS will need to be connected separately – information about the games will be collected from there.

CD Projekt stressed that they are not going to collect personal data of users and “spy” – the Galaxy 2.0 code will be open, and all player information will be deleted from the servers as soon as the player disconnects another platform from the launcher.

In addition, the developers promise to support plug-ins, full synchronization of settings between devices and the ability to change the design of the library and other sections.

The creators of Galaxy 2.0 also promise to improve the functions of cloud saving and matchmaking for games purchased in the GOG, as well as add the ability to “roll back” to the previous version after the patch.

On the official website you can already sign up for the beta, which will be available only to those who already have an account in the store. When the testing starts, it is still unknown.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 will be available on Windows and Mac – the developers haven’t talked about Linux support yet.


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