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George Martin: “I advised the developers of a Japanese game”


Gematsu source confirms that this is a project FromSoftware.

Updated: GamesRadar + noted that the game is called Great Rune and, apparently, is devoted to Norse mythology.

At the end of March, a rumor spread around the network , allegedly in the development of the next project from FromSoftware, George Martin, known for his “Song of Ice and Fire” cycle, takes part. Then it was argued that the writer serves as a screenwriter, and in the game there will be several kingdoms.

Many didn’t believe it because it sounded too good. However, it seems that he is partially truthful.

On May 20, Martin published a post on his blog , in which he said without context that he “advised the developers of a Japanese game”.

The source of the Gematsu publication confirmed that it is really about the game FromSoftware from Miyazaki, which will be presented at E3 2019.

This is a game with an open world and the ability to ride a horse, and the abbreviation of the name is GR. Development has been underway for three years, but given the concept, this may not be enough for release in 2019.

The fact that FromSoftware will show its next game at E3 2019 was also said byanother trusted insider, who previously reported accurate information about Sekiro before its announcement. According to him, the game will be multiplatform and in the setting of dark fantasy.


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