Insider: FromSoftware will show its next game on E3 2019, Bloodborne 2 is not in development


The same person shared information about Sekiro before her announcement.

In mid-May, the user ResetEra, under the nickname Omnipotent, marked by moderators as an insider with a high level of access to classified information, beganto share details about the next game FromSoftware.

Earlier, he, before the full-fledged announcement of Sekiro at E3 2018, said that the publisher of the game would surprise fans (it turned out to be Activision), and also revealed other details that were later confirmed.

  • The next game FromSoftware will be a multiplatform in the dark fantasy genre, and it will be announced at E3 2019.
  • Omnipotent hinted that this announcement will be much more interesting for fans than in the case of Sekiro, and will appeal to veterans of FromSoftware franchises first of all, although there will be changes in the studio formula in the game. 
  • The insider believes that the players should think not about the setting, but about what “FromSoftware did with this game” – what he means is not clear.
  • Apparently, this is not a game in the Aztec setting, about which there were rumors earlier, even before the announcement of Sekiro.
  • To the question “Swords or lasers?” The insider answered “yes.” 
  • The studio is working on an Armored Core franchise game, but Bloodborne 2 is still in development.
  • Omnipotent promised that before E3 will tell more. 

Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director, mentioned in an interview that he would like to make a game similar to The Vision of Escaflowne anime, which combines fantasy and science fiction. This partly echoes the insider’s answer to the question about swords and lasers, but it is possible that everything will be much simpler and it will be one thing.

If FromSoftware really will be on E3 2019, then there are almost no options where their game will be shown – with high probability this will be a Microsoft conference, like last time.


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