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The authors of “Rick and Morty” reported that the channel has ordered another 70 episodes of the series

These are seven seasons, if they, of course, are not joking.

Apparently, the protracted negotiations with the channel of Adult Swim ended in a long-term contract. Scriptwriter and actor Justin Royland, with the help of a caricature, said on his Twitter account that Rick and Morty will receive another 70 new episodes.

There will be more series of “Rica and Morty”! I can’t wait to see all those tweets you ask where they are.

In his instagram, Royland confirmed once again that there are 70 episodes.

“70 more life-threatening adventures, Morty! 
Almost deadly, Morty! 
Horrible stuff. 
Nightmares in reality, Morty. 
70 more! ”“ No, Rick, no! ”“ Yes! ”

Dan Harmon made the announcement even stranger. He posted a video clip on his instagram in which he takes a shower with Royland. After several obscene jokes, one screenwriter tells the other that it’s time to get to work.

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Nothing this big has ever been seen in my shower

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A total of “Rick and Morty” at the time of writing this article came out only 31 episodes. If the channel actually ordered another 70 episodes, the show will be on the air for many more years, since the work on each season goes on for a long time. In January, one of the minor screenwriters of the series said that the fourth season is unlikely to start before 2019.

A huge number of episodes ordered by Adult Swim may be due to the desire of the channel to save. Thus, Royland and Harmon will not be able to demand a higher and higher fee with each season, using the popularity of the show as a lever for pressure.

The third season of “Rica and Morty” showed record ratings for Adult Swim.


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