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NYPD used Woody Harrelson’s photo to find a criminal like him


The face recognition system found the thief in the database for someone else’s photo.

According to a report from Georgetown University, in 2017, New York City police used a photo of actor Woody Harrelson to identify the thief who stole a beer. At the disposal of law enforcement officers there was only a poor-quality record from surveillance cameras, according to which the facial recognition system could not find the culprit in its database.

Then the police found a high-quality photo of Woody Harrelson, which looks like a thief, and uploaded the image to the system. So they managed to find a suitable person for the description and detain him.

Harrelson was not the first star whose photo helped the police find the culprit. For this, they also used the portrait of the basketball player of the New York Knicks team. The police often resort to different tricks to search for violators in the database. Employees of bodies use the faces of people generated in special editors and identikits.

The police agree that the facial recognition system does not give one hundred percent accurate result, and they treat the work with technology responsibly. The representative of the department noted that the suspects were never arrested on the basis of a coincidence in appearance only – there was always an additional investigation.

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