Lords of the Fallen 2 remake from scratch after changing the studio developer


The creators of the game came up with a new concept, still inspired by Dark Souls.

In a conversation with the Eurogamer portal, the leaders of Defiant Studios, which the Lords of the Fallen 2 had moved to in early summer , said they would not use the work of their predecessors.

This will be a complete restart, we will work from scratch.

We have a new engine – Unreal 4. We have a new team. Suppose she does not have a wealth of experience in working on an action-RPG, but it seems to me that this is even our advantage.

David greens Managing Director Defiant Studios

They will not change the genre – like the first part, it will be an action-RPG, inspired by the Dark Souls series. But apparently, the staff of the studio had a few ideas, thanks to which they hope to refresh the direction of “Souls-like” games.

If everything goes well, then some things in the sequel will surprise fans of the first Lords of the Fallen, and we will even have the opportunity to expand the audience. […]

We are trying to show the fans something new – a fresh approach to this type of games. Competition never hurts. I love what they do FromSoftware, but I can not wait to bring something new.

Roland Leicesterlin Creative Director Defiant Studios

Defiant is still considering different ideas and preparing a prototype for Lords of the Fallen 2, but they say they want to achieve the highest level of quality and polish the game in all respects.

A small team of several dozen people works on the action RPG. Key studio staff previously worked in the New York branch of Avalanche on the third and fourth Just Cause.

The approximate release date of the sequel Lords of the Fallen, the developers have not yet called.

The original game was released in 2014, it was developed by the Polish studio Deck13, which later released The Surge, and is currently working on a sequel.


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