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Sony and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership in the field of AI and cloud gaming


This was reported in a press release on the Microsoft website.

Companies intend to share Microsoft Azure data centers for gaming services, streaming content and creating advanced development tools.

In addition, Microsoft and Sony want to combine their achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, semiconductor materials and photomatrix.

Thus, the partnership includes both the business sphere and the consumer one. The press release states that Microsoft is primarily interested in the development of Sony in the field of image capture (for example, photomatrix), and Sony – the introduction of cloud technologies and AI, developed by Microsoft.

In addition, Sony will build the infrastructure of its cloud services based on Microsoft Azure.

Working together, the companies intend to provide their users worldwide with improved entertainment services. This definition includes building improved development platforms and supporting the community of content creators.

from press release

Representatives of both companies do not hide the fact that they have areas where they are direct competitors.

For many years, Microsoft has been a key business partner for us, although, of course, both companies have competed in some areas.

I believe that our joint development of cloud platforms will give a powerful impetus to the development of interactive content.

Kenichiro YoshidaSony CEO and President

Microsoft Azure is considered one of the most powerful cloud platforms at the moment. Its competitors include Amazon Web Services.

Sony has virtually no development in this area, so she needed a strong partner to improve the quality of her services, and the choice eventually fell on Microsoft.


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